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First and Foremost we want to direct you to OUR archival website:
Here you will find many books and written experiences, Stories of the men themselves. You will also find, a 17,000 man roster that we are still adding to today, maps, pictures, and even a Message Board that will put you in contact with people who will do their absolute best to find out more information for you.

Second, We'd like to direst your attention to:
Here we were able to share many of our papers and pictures with the Library consortium and as such many more documents are available to the general public. This is a great start for any researcher, as you can read old "Hellcat News" - that is the Division'd own newspaper!
**LOOK FOR 12th Armored Division under Partnering Institutions***

Thirdly, if you are looking for more information about your family member, your best best is to check:
We are only able to see so much, and if you are a direct decedent of the Service Member, you are able to see more than we are.

Other sites we like: