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School Tours:

The 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum is dedicated to the teaching and greater understanding of WWII. It is through this we are always willing to accommodate as many groups as we possibly can.

**DUE to the Nature of the story this museums tells, we feel it is best suited for 5th Grade and up.
We can speak with Children/Students/Adults about:
The Home Front
Victory Gardens
The American GI
Veterans Day/Memorial Day/Armed Forces Day
Who's Who of WWII (Allies and Axis)
Holocaust Studies - The Diary of Anne Frank, Night, etc.
How We Won The War

We are also able to tailor our tours and talks to cover the items you wish to cover with your students.

Distance Learning

If you are outside of the BIG COUNTRY AREA check us out on CILC.org

look for the two classes we offer:
"We saw it, We Smelled it, It really Happened, It was Horrible!"
"Allies and Axis - The Who's Who of WWII"

additionally if you would like to have us cover a different subject, please contact:

Jennifer Lenches
Projects Director
12th Armored Division Memorial Museum