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Honoring Sgt. Carter

  • Allene Carter's father-in-law was a decorated veteran. Yet it wasn't until the Carter family received a call from the White House that she discovered he was a heroic force in the Rhineland Campaign. President Clinton awarded the Medal of Honor to several black soldiers who served in WWII.
  • Sergeant Edward A. Carter, Jr was among the recipients. Shocked to learn the extent of Carter's Service. Allene was determined to uncover both the truth about her father-in-law's was time record and why his official recognition was so long in coming.

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The Window at St. Catherine's By John Dobbertin, Jr.

  • If the fates had been just a shade different, we might all be flying to-and-from Cullerton International instead of O'Hare International.
  • This is the incredible story of Bill Cullerton, a leading United States Army Air Force ace in World War Two. Few could have survived the harrowing ordeal he experienced.
  • Here is a tale of salmon fishing, war, survival and friendship.
  • "'The window at St. Catherine's" is really a grabber.'hanging on every word' is a clich so I won't use it, but it is a good read-solidly and well told."-William A. Rooney, co-author "The Enola Gay and the Smithsonian Institution"

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The Last Battle By Stephen Harding

  • May, 1945. Hitler is dead, the Third Reich is little more than smoking rubble, and no GI wants to be the last man killed in action against the Nazis.
  • The Last Battle tells the nearly unbelievable story of the unlikeliest battle of the war, when a small group of American tankers, led by Captain Lee, joined forces with German soldiers to fight off fanatical SS troops seeking to capture Castle Itter and execute the stronghold's VIP prisoners. It is a tale of unlikely allies, startling bravery, jittery suspense, and desperate combat between implacable enemies.

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Gated Grief: The Daughter of a GI Concentration Camp Liberator Discovers a Legacy of Trauma

  • By Leila Levinson
  • Leila, who sought to heal multi-generational traumas, takes on a journey of healing that began when she discovered haunting photographs her father had taken when he helped to liberate a Nazi concentration camp at the end of World War II. She learned from meeting other veteran liberators that what he witnessed deeply traumatized him and his fellow liberators. And they brought their trauma home with them where it rippled through their families.
  • "Even though the subject is difficult, the book ads much to our understanding of trauma and is fast and easily digested, because Leila has confronted and unraveled the horror for us. She embraces her own calling-- unique, courageous, necessary-- as the witness, chronicler, researcher, and preserver of a huge yet neglected portion of our World War II veteran population that still has much to teach us abut trauma." -Dr. Ed Tick, author of War and the Soul

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Plagues of the Soul: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Max Glauben

  • Plagues of the Soul is a 30 minute story of the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of a remarkable man who survived its horrors and had dedicated his life to the memory of those who perished. The film follows Max Glauben on his mission of talking with school children about the lessons of the Holocaust.

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Eisenhower's Thorn on the Rhine: The Battles for the Colmar Pocket, 1944–45 By Nathan Perfer

  • By the fall of 1944 the Western Allies appeared to be having it all their own way. The summer’s Normandy invasion had finally succeeded and the Germans had been driven out of northern France and most of the Low Countries. In September the invasion of France’s southern coast had met less opposition and Allied divisions had begun lining up along the Rhine.
  • But while the Americans were about to meet a nasty surprise in the Ardennes, the Germans never did let go of the province of Alsace, and in a hard pocket around the city of Colmar continued to resist. On New Year’s Eve they launched a counteroffensive, Operation Northwind, that nearly put Allied forces back on their heels. While the Allies were eventually able to take care of their Ardennes problem the Colmar one still remained. On January 12, 1945, Eisenhower could only tell George Marshall, “It is a very bad thorn in our side today."

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Crossing the Zorn: The January 1945 Battle at Herrlisheim as Told by the American and German Soldiers Who Fought It by Edward Monroe-Jones

  • Conceived in desperation after the Battle of the Bulge in January 1945, Germany's Operation Nordwind culminated in the frozen Alsatian fields surrounding the Zorn River. In what was expected to be an easy offensive, the German 10th Waffen SS Panzer Division attacked the American 12th Armored Division near the villages of Herrlisheim and Weyersheim.
  • Neither army foresaw the savage violence that ensued. Combining the vivid eyewitness accounts of veterans from both sides of the conflict with information gleaned from a variety of long-unavailable print sources, this richly detailed history casts a fascinating light on a little-known but crucial battle in the Second World War. Common stalwart German and American soldiers carried out near-impossible orders.

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